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Emotional Rollercoasters

I lost it today. It had nothing to do with  Bethany, nothing to do with family or with unmet expectations - I just simply came unglued.   An hour or so later I went for my usual noon time run and about half way through , it just sort of washed over me in one great wave. 

I think it came from weeks of "copy/paste" solutions at work. So many of my coworkers are looking to complete assignments and rather than putting original thought into the equation they rely on copy/paste. Do what the competition does, take what someone else did, copy their formula, change your formatting, insert your data and "voila", instant check mark in the box for completed status. 

My though,  my work, our life has no copy/paste option. Each interaction, each situation and question has no pre-thought solutions. We're the family that has to leave the local WalMart because our daughter is "unsettling the customers" there. WalMart for Pete's sake - the store that has a website …