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Maintaining Dignity

By the time I heard the third retch I knew that the outcome wasn’t going to be pretty. Rather than wait until I heard the revulsion in the voice of our aide, I headed quickly towards the source of the sound.Along the way I deftly grabbed a dishtowel and in one smooth move, slipped it under Bethany’s chin.It was a beautiful action, almost a visual poem – if only the timing had been better.
My poor work at estimating forced me into the second stage of this whole event; that of maintaining dignity for all those involved.Everyone around you is aghast in horror and dismay while the guest of honor of course, thinks its funny.I on the other hand am trying with all my being to downplay the drama of it, not encouraging a repeat, while hopefully calming the “just puked on “ helper by demonstrating a comfortable awareness of the mess that’s covering the lot of us.Many take it in stride; the few unaccustomed ones cause me to wonder if I should have grabbed two towels.
I think back to my first exper…