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The Small Wafer That Killed Me

The Christian church really has only two sacraments: Baptism, (which is the visible commitment of a life that’s being positioned to accept the grace of a loving God) and Communion, (which is a visible activity that commemorates the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross).To non-Christians, I’m sure that both activities are equally bizarre and cryptic; surrounded in colloquial metaphors of inner washing, blood drinking and flesh eating activity.
Throughout my entire life, both of these solemn events have been carried out with the seriousness, precision, and gravity that one may find when observing the exchanging of fuel rods in a nuclear power plant.It’s not intended to be fun and it’s only counts when the entire process is accurately finished.The event seems only valid when performed by old men with greying brows and warm eyes, who wear ill-fitting suits that smell of peppermint and cheap cologne.
When the pastor at the church where my special needs daughter lives, invited the church…