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Praying With One Eye Open

I pray with one eye open at these services, as I fear that I may miss a significant event such as a tossed toy, a runaway resident, a pinch and a shove, or even the return of the Lord.  Any of those have an equal chance of happening if I close both eyes to pray. 
We’ve been attending church here for about 3 months and honestly; it’s a beautiful experience.Imagine mashing the spiritual passion and activity of a Pentecostal church* service with the unpredictability of live television.Perhaps that’s what’s missing in most mainstream Christian churches today, passion and unpredictability.
Here, in a service designed for Special Needs individuals with as broad a range of needs as you can imagine, The Holy Spirit not only has, but exercises free range and while I have no doubt that [He’s] present at all the other churches, I think His preference is here, with the people who love him unconditionally.They love Him with screams, slurs, and wiggles.They love Him through plastic microphones that …