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A True "Jeep Girl"

After so many months of working on the restoration of Dad’s Jeep it was finally ready for a test run.I’d managed to take the rusting hulks of two, 1946 classics and pull them into one beautiful ride and I wanted to make sure it was running well before I delivered it into his care.Hearing the nearly 70-year-old engine roar to life after she’d sat silent for the better part of 30 years was magical, silent for nearly a generation I was hearing sound that few still living had ever heard.
Anxious to give it a test run in the fields behind the house, I hoisted Bethany up into the passenger seat.I knew there was no way that she’d ever be able to see enough to navigate over the intricate steps and side cowl of the vehicle so I did a lift-and-toss maneuver like you’d do trying to get an old dog into the back of a truck. At 140 pounds my “hoist” was more of a flailing as legs, feet and arms went in six different directions.I finally managed to get her butt over the side cowl and figured the rest…

Art and Emotion

For Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be Also

With Rice Stuck to my Butt...