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"How Can We Pray For You?"

“How can we pray for you” he asked across the table.The look in his eye told me that it was a sincere request and not a passing obligation; it was in fact, not even a question.My eyes darted to the other guys in the room and were met by identical looks.“Yeah, specifically, how can we pray for you” said the second.I began to outline, then stopped; where do I begin?My voice trembled as I went through topics that even now, I can’t recall.The tears provided more evidence of need than my words did anyways and these men being blessed with the gift of discernment were way ahead of me on what to pray for.
“If you don’t mind, I’d like to offer up prayer on your behalf right now”.I don’t know if I agreed or if he was already standing but through the tears I immediately felt the warm, gentle hands of three loving brothers who in that moment were the embodiment of Christ.
I was numb with confusion, paralyzed with fear and sorrowed with self-doubt.I had been going home at night wondering how I could…