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"Tell Us a Bit About Yourself"

“Tell us about your hopes and dreams for life… what would a fulfilling life look like for you?”
I had to look at the question on the form twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, the answer for me alone would be laughable but for Bethany – in her words?The answer would be an easy one although I doubt anyone would take the answer seriously.For her a fulfilling life could be summed up the words “Plate” or “Potato”; toss in a nice set of boobs to pinch and life would be complete.Now I know why my wife handed me the form to fill out.Silver tongue in hand, I began to give it some thought.  The form was an application for "residential consideration", for us it represented pinned hopes of a future in which we would have less burden in day-to-day care for Bethany.  For Bethany, it represented the second biggest shift in her life, a life without Sherry and I as the primary, care-givers.
How would Bethany answer the question, even more troublesome was how would I answer as her proxy?Betha…