Suicide and the Reaction of a Fool

A young girl was going to commit suicide today.  I don’t even know her name, barely know where she lives – in fact, Google probably knows more about her than I do.  One thing Google doesn’t know though, it’s that she’s thinking suicide is the answer.

I read the urgent note from the pastor; he was asking for prayer on her behalf, and before I even got to the end of the note, I was asking him for an address.  After I asked that critical question I began to pray.  In reflection, my prayers were more focused on NOT getting an address, as I’m neither qualified nor bilingual enough to carry on this level of intervention.  One thing I can do in any language though is to sit and pray with someone.  I was on the verge of leaving work to go sit with a stranger and offer what?  At best, some hope - what sort of fool does this?  Who is willing to risk a good paying job and career with ample responsibility for the sake of a stranger's bad day?

I got a call an hour or so later informing me that the Police had been summoned and were at the house, not that it implied any level of success in defeating death but at least I didn’t have to worry that she was alone.  For now anyway things seemed secure but I can’t help think; what happens after they leave?  I know how the mental health system works.  I know how the mind works.  Those two items are in completely different rooms and the door between the two is sideways on the wall.  It’s confusing, lonely and unfamiliar – in any language.

I pray that I never hesitate to do what’s right for what’s prudent.  I guess this is what Paul implied when he mentioned that “he was a fool for Christ”.  I’ve learned that this world despises this particular kind of fool. We’re known a “saps” or “suckers”.  It seems that I’m this kind of fool, one who would risk everything for what seems to be nothing.  

On the other hand, I have a dear friend who once gave everything to save nothing.  Perhaps in [his] eyes, the fool is the wisest among them?


  1. My 15 yr old daughter just lost a dear soccer teammate to suicide 2 weeks ago. Such a sad and tragic loss, and so hard to try and explain to her teammates who were like sisters to her. I wonder if any amount of prayer or discussion could have prevented this...or if it will in any way help those who are left to deal with her loss??? Her priest said it best at the service when he tried to explain her "sickness" and the fact that her death was no one's "fault". One can't help but wonder if we had only known the depths of her depression, could our prayers have done any good. I admire your faith and your unquestionablee quest to do what is right in order to help someone, even someone you don't know. I only wish that someone could have been able to help our dear friend Gina to know that she had other options in this life other than the one she chose. I am sure your prayers helped in some way even though you may not have known her personally. You are a good man.

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  3. Being a fool for Christ is where it's at. Keep jumping out of the boat.


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